About Us

We invest in early-stage startups led by exceptional entrepreneurs. Our sweet spots are data driven, biotechnology and pharma companies, as well as digital pharma, utilizing notions from two or more of these domains.

Our seed investments ($700K-$1M) are performed via our technological incubator in Jerusalem. We do follow-on investments.

Our highly versatile and experienced team provides entrepreneurs with extensive mentoring and networking support. Our experience and know-how, combined with our financial backing and administrative assistance, give early-stage startups all the tools they need to grow and thrive.

VLX’s major shareholder, CBG, has a  holistic investment approach and is driven by deep analysis of worldwide trends and global dynamics. It has invested ~300m USD in Israel  in several leading funds, incubators and companies and is continuing to develop its professional, strong eco- system. CBG’s diversified portfolio includes areas such as Life Sciences, Digital Health, AI, Data Science & Computer Vision.