What materials should I bring to the first meeting?

We recommend preparing a descriptive presentation, backed up with a demo (if possible), as well as a financial plan.

What constitutes “technological innovation”?

We are looking for startups with an innovative technology core. such ingenuity should provide the company with new product capabilities, as well as serve as a driving force for its’ business. Unique Intellectual Property is a plus.

What if our team doesn't have a business leader?

We can help with that. Given most major technology and business positions are filled by your team, we’ll be happy to use our experience and strong network in order to help find the right people join your company.

Which industries does VLX invest in?

We specialize in the fields of Information Technology and Life Sciences, as well as the combination of the two – Digital Health. However, the versatility and strength of our team enable us to be active outside the scope of our main domains of expertise as well, and explore uncharted industries. We do so when disruption is plausible.

What is the size of your typical investment?

We invest ~$550K in High-tech, Software, and Internet start-ups, and ~$650-750K in life science oriented start-ups, both in the framework of an OCS Incubator