Dr. Lior Carmon

Posted on Jul 10, 2019

Lior  is an expert in the fields of  immunology, specifically vaccinology and immune oncology. Holding a PhD and an MBA, he has an in depth understanding of the science and business trends in these markets. Lior is a pioneer in the signal peptide domain, influencing the development of superior vaccines. Over the past 20 years, Lior serves as an investor, entrepreneur and executive at key Israeli biotech companies including VaxilBio, BIoKine, CureTech and Ester Neurosciences.

He has held various positions at Clal biotechnology industries (CBI) fund, culminating his tenure as a VP of Strategic Alliances & Technology Assessment. During his time at CBI, he was a first point of assessment and decision for investment opportunities in all sectors and at all stages of development. He is a founder, CEO, and head of R&D at VaxilBio Ltd. which developed the SPD-based cancer vaccine, ImMucin, and the tuberculosis subunit vaccine, MTBuVax. His work includes 7 publications including a review.

He is also a co-founder and VP of Business Development at two companies in the immune oncology field, Biokine (lead product: BL-8040) and CureTech (lead product: CT011). Lior currently serves as a founder and CEO of Biopharma Investment & Management, a boutique consultancy company. Lior’s MSc Degree is from Tel-Aviv University and his PhD is from the WIS Institute in the field of tumor immunology, specializing in the development of cancer vaccines.